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EndowA Day

Strengthen the future of public broadcasting—create a special remembrance, celebrate an occasion, or build a county endowment.

The Endow-A-Day program helps Penn State Public Broadcasting create a permanent endowment to build a legacy of quality programming for central Pennsylvania.

Donors who endow a day of programming on Penn State Public Broadcasting are recognized through 15-second announcements made on-air during their specific broadcast day each year for a decade.

Endowments are funds, typically totaling $25,000 or more, that are invested and provide perpetual support for Penn State Public Broadcasting. Half of the income from the fund is available for spending each year. The other half is returned to principle, so that the fund continues to grow over time. Funds such as those provided in the Endow-A-Day program act as a source of continuous funding.

"Underwrite" a day of WPSU programming

Endowments can be made to support WPSU-TV, WPSU-FM, the Educational Services unit, and even specific genres of programming. The first of its kind, this unique endowment program allows for families, businesses, and even counties to support public broadcasting in an exceptional way.

Endow-a-Day funds and recognition dates:

  • Bill and Honey Jaffe Performance Endowment (February 12)
  • Blair County Endowment (February 26)
  • WPSU Endowment (March 1)
  • McKean County Endowment for WPSU-FM (March 26)
  • Thomas F. and Sara H. Songer Family Endowment (April 4)
  • Environmental Programming Endowment (April 22)
  • Dorothy R. and Edward G. Buss Endowment for WPSU-FM (May 7)
  • DuBois Area Endowment (June 18)
  • David and Joyce Lee Local Programming Production Fund (July 25)
  • James H. Olay Family Endowment (September 12)
  • Robert K. and Jane W.Zimmerman Endowed Internship Fund (September 16)
  • Huntingdon County Endowment (September 20)

More Information

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