Measure of garden success?

Measure of garden success?

Recently, several fellow gardeners and I discussed something that ended up being very interesting: how do you define a successful garden year?

We came to a conclusion—it’s all subjective. When you garden, you go into it with a variety of goals in mind. These might include fresh-grown herbs and veggies, saving money, or just making the yard look prettier. These are the yardsticks to measure a good garden year.

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Potato Patch

Potato Patch

It’s hard to keep focused on a farm in the middle of August. Most people think of it as the beginning of harvest time, with smooth sailing into bucolic fall days as we stuff our coolers, barns and root cellars with nature’s bounty.

In reality it’s always harvest time on a vegetable farm and August poses a special challenge because after months of ceaseless activity fueled on the previous winter’s lethargy, the farmer has to pull out of some unmentionable orifice the energy and enthusiasm that made spring planting seem so appealing.

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Celebrate Julia Child

Celebrate Julia Child

Celebrate Julia Child’s 100th birthday this month! Find recipes and share your favorites. Watch early episodes of The French Chef and Baking with Julia. And read tributes from celebrity chefs.

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Too Much Zucchini? Try Ricotta Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Too Much Zucchini? Try Ricotta Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Tons of zucchini are a garden cliche. They are so easy to grow that’s it’s almost impossible to not have more zucchini than you need. By this time of the year, all your friends politely turn down your offer of free zucchini because everyone in their family, at work, and in their circle of friends has given them about 1,000 zucchinis.

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{name} Posted by Jamie Oberdick on 08/17, 2012 at 01:32 PM

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