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Wedding Announcement

Dean Hamer and Joseph Wilson's wedding announcement, published in the Oil City Derrick newspaper. [Download Photo]

Oil City Overview

Oil City, Pennsylvania, a small town located between Pittsburgh and Erie. [Download Photo]

Joe Wilson

Joe Wilson, producer, co-director, and writer. Previously a program officer with a private human rights foundation, Wilson entered documentary filmmaking with hopes of reaching broader audiences and compelling people to act. [Download Photo]

Dean Hamer

Dean Hamer, producer, co-director, and director of photography. Famous for his scientific research on AIDS, human sexuality and behavior genetics, Hamer turned to filmmaking convinced that there was a better way to communicate the complex scientific and social ideas raised by these topics. [Download Photo]

C.J. Springer

C.J. Springer was tormented at school because he is gay. Spring shot footage for the film, providing a painful glimpse into his very private suffering as well as needed comic relief from the antics he and his friends devised to entertain themselves in a quiet little town. [Download Photo]

Kathy Springer

Kathy Springer, an Oil City resident whose teenage son, C.J., was brutally tormented at school because he is gay, sought help from Joe Wilson after reading the wedding announcement in the newspaper. [Download Photo]

Diane Gramley

Diane Gramley, head of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, protests marriage equality [Download Photo]

Mark Micklos

Reverend Mark Micklos, an Evangelical preacher who forms a transformative friendship with Joe [Download Photo]

Roxanne Hitchcock and Linda Henderson

Roxanne Hitchcock and Linda Henderson, owners of the renovated Latonia theater, speak with Joe Wilson about their efforts to revitalize the local economy. [Download Photo]