You Bet Your Garden’s Mike McGrath’s in town this weekend…five reasons to go see him!

Posted by Jamie Oberdick on 04/05, 2017 at 08:13 AM

You Bet Your Garden’s Mike McGrath’s in town this weekend…five reasons to go see him!

If you are a gardener and a WPSU listener, chances are quite good that you’ve heard of Mike McGrath. The long-time garden writer has a fantastic show “You Bet Your Garden” that runs Sundays at 11:00 a.m. on WPSU. He’s coming to State College this weekend for a Friday evening dinner and a Saturday morning talk, both benefitting WPSU.

Mike’s show is like an hour-long clinic on organic gardening and lawn care. People call his show with questions about pest removal, sick plants, best kinds of tomatoes, etc. He will be here for two events, which include a Friday evening dinner and Saturday morning talk. Tickets are still available. This is going to be a great weekend for Central PA gardeners, and here’s five reasons why:

- He’s got an engaging, light-hearted style: Mike isn’t a dry, monotone-serious speaker, his style leans toward the humorous side. Definitely won’t put you to sleep Saturday morning, or after a good dinner Friday night.

- One of his main focuses this weekend is pollinators: Not having enough pollinators around will cut into your garden production. You need to have a pollinator-friendly yard to get the most out it, not to mention how good it is for the overall environment. Mike will give you some tips on making your yard a pollinator oasis.

- But it’s not all about pollinators: From the WPSU event page: “He offers his experience and tips on fending off garden and household pests without the use of toxic chemicals, caring for lawns and landscapes without losing your mind, and growing without groaning in tough conditions like extreme heat, unending rain, and lousy soil.”

- It’s not going to be a one-way conversation: Have a burning question about anything that can grow in your yard? Mike can answer them. Both events will feature a question and answer session.

- Last but not least, you’re supporting WPSU!:  Support WPSU at a time when we need you most. We really appreciate your contributions to our local public radio community…

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