Early Signs of Spring

Posted by Tony Ricci on 02/23, 2012 at 05:33 PM

Early Signs of Spring

Early Garlic Shoots. Photo Credit Tony Ricci.

Signs of spring are appearing a little early this year, as can be seen from the picture above showing new garlic shoots poking through the soil. Garlic is always the first crop to make an appearance and has more credibility in predicting the beginning of spring than pampered rodents. 

The welcome break form winter comes at a cost, though, especially for crops like tree fruit which tend to blossom too early before the chance of heavy frost is past. Of course, we could luck out and skip spring altogether going straight into summer and extended drought. That would really give us something to complain about and get the creative juices flowing.

Greenhouse greens are still available: baby arugula, baby spinach, wildfire lettuce mix, baby mustard, sweet and spicy salad mix.

Root crops are slowing down, especially potatoes. But sweet potatoes, beets, and mixed color carrots are still holding on.

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