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Time PlayedArtistSongAlbumLabel
3/13/2011: 13:18:00Dakota Dave HullSt. Anne's Reel / Hull's VictoryHull's VictoryFlying Fish
3/13/2011: 13:15:00MalicorneCompagnons Qui Roulez en ProvenceLegendeHannibal
3/13/2011: 13:12:00Natalie MacMasterMinnie and Alex's ReelBlueprintRounder
3/13/2011: 13:07:00Jez Lowe and Jake WaltonThe Ballad of Johnny CollierTwo a RoueTantobie
3/13/2011: 13:03:00Mary Jane LamondDomhnall AntaidhBho Thir Nan CraobhB+R Heritage
3/13/2011: 13:00:00Erynn Marshall & Chris CooleMeriweather / Goodbye Girls I'm Going to BostonMeet Me in the MusicHickory Jack
3/13/2011: 12:55:00Berline, Crary, HickmanThe Dusty MillerChambergrassSugar Hill
3/13/2011: 12:52:00The ChapmansFollow Me to TennesseeFollow MePinecastle
3/13/2011: 12:48:00Monsieur Lambert & Le Bebert Orchestrale 6/8 du Bebert OrchestraMonsieur Lambert & Le Bebert OrchestraSelf
3/13/2011: 13:46:00BalfaTwo-step des vieux hommesBalfa toujoursSnallon
3/13/2011: 12:42:00HesperusThe Reel of TullochCeltic RootsMaggies
3/13/2011: 12:38:00Ken Kolodner, Laura Risk, Robin BullockLouis WaltzWalking StonesDorian
3/13/2011: 12:35:00Bradley N LitwinMr. Diddy Wa DiddyYou Rascal YouSelf
3/13/2011: 12:31:00Lucy KaplanskyOver the HillsOver the HillsRed House
3/13/2011: 12:28:00Lorraine and Bennett HammondThe PearlJonah's DreamSoundworks
3/13/2011: 12:25:00GjallarhornLangtarenGrimborgNorthside
3/13/2011: 12:20:00Cherish the LadiesBroken WingsOne and AllGLCO
3/13/2011: 12:15:00Ed MillerThe Rolling Hills of the BordersNever Frae My MindWellfield
3/13/2011: 12:12:00Ginny HawkerThose Two Blue EyesLetters from My FatherRounder
3/13/2011: 12:06:00Christine LavinOne of the BoysFolk ZingerAppleseed
3/13/2011: 12:02:00BlowzabellaHorizontoVanillaGreen Linnet
3/13/2011: 11:59:00Makem BrothersBound Down for NewfoundlandOn the RocksBiddy
3/12/2011: 21:57:00Mike FarrisWrapped Up, Tangled UpThe Night Cumberland Came AliveColumbia
3/12/2011: 21:53:00Billy Joe ShaverIf I Give My SoulVictoryNew West
3/12/2011: 21:50:00Hayes CarllBeyond the BluesA Case For Case: A Tribute To The Songs Of Peter CaseHungry for Music
3/12/2011: 21:44:00Tom WaitsGeorgia LeeMule VariationsAnti / Epitaph
3/12/2011: 21:42:00Golden Gate Jubliee QuartetGo Where I Send TheeGolden Gate Quartet Vol. 1 (1937-1938)Document
3/12/2011: 21:38:00Howe GelbBut I Did NotSno Angel Like YouOw Om
3/12/2011: 21:34:00The Blind Boys Of Alabama Feat. Tom WaitsGo Tell It On The MountainPaste Magazine Sampler, Vol. 7self
3/12/2011: 21:28:00Kane, Welch, KaplinHighland MaryKane Welch KaplinDead Reckoning
3/12/2011: 21:25:00Mahmoud FadlKann Orbak (Close To You)For Oriental DancersPiranha
3/12/2011: 21:22:00Billy BraggHelp Save The Youth Of AmericaTalking With The Taxman About PoetryLiberation
3/12/2011: 21:16:00Sara GreyFive Nights DrunkA Long Way From Homeself
3/12/2011: 21:11:00Foghorn StringbandRoving Gambler - Jaybird In The AshbrookRattlesnake Tidal Waveself
3/12/2011: 21:08:00Pokey LaFarge & The South City ThreeSweet Potato BluesRiverboat SoulTrade Root
3/12/2011: 21:03:00Rodrigo y GabrielaDiablo RojoKGSR Broadcasts Vol 16KGSR
3/12/2011: 20:57:00Ryan AdamsOh My Sweet CarolinaHeartbreakerBloodshot
3/12/2011: 20:55:00Ljiljana Buttler And Mostar Sevdah ReunionAndro VerkaThe Legends Of LifeTrade Root
3/12/2011: 20:48:00James McMurtryHurricane PartyJust Us KidsLightning Rod
3/12/2011: 20:46:00SteeldriversIf You Can't Be Good, Be GoneThe SteeldriversRounder
3/12/2011: 20:39:00Jerry Lee Lewis (with Solomon Burke)Railroad To HeavenMean Old ManVerve Forecast
3/12/2011: 20:35:00Frazey FordFirecrackerObadiahNettwerk
3/12/2011: 20:33:00Andrew StanglenDays Have Gone By in the Halls of ValhallaRevenge of Blind Joe Death: The John Fahey Tribute AlbumTakoma
3/12/2011: 20:30:00Sam and Kirk McGeeMilk'em In the Evening BluesFolk Music At NewportVanguard
3/12/2011: 20:26:00GrádaJohn RileyNatural AngleCompass
3/12/2011: 20:21:00Greg TrooperGreen Eyed GirlMake It Through This WorldSugar Hill
3/12/2011: 20:17:00Nora Jane StruthersMocking BirdNora Jane StruthersBlue Pig
3/12/2011: 20:13:00Josh RitterSnow Is Gone (Live From Vicar Street)Hello Starling - Deluxe Editionself
3/12/2011: 7:55:00dave van ronkmr noahchretomathygazelle
3/12/2011: 7:53:00hank wilsonuncle penhank wilsons backshellter
3/12/2011: 7:49:00pete seegerwaist deep in the big muddyheadlines and footnotesSmithsonian Folkways
3/12/2011: 7:43:00dudley connell& don rigsbyhollis browncool blue outlawssugar hill
3/12/2011: 7:41:00lonesome standard timebanditcool blue outlawssugar hill
3/12/2011: 7:38:00barring of the doorsilly sistersno more to the danceshanachie
3/12/2011: 7:34:00sail awaysonny terry & brownie mcgheesonny & browniea&m
3/12/2011: 7:28:00muddy waterseldom scene20th anniversary concertsugar hill
3/12/2011: 7:25:00sarah graysheep sheep don't you now the roadnoneself
3/12/2011: 7:22:00maura o'connellfor no onea real life storywarner bros
3/12/2011: 7:17:00clancy brotherslet no man steal your thymeolder but no wiservanguard
3/12/2011: 7:13:00doc watsonstormy weatherpickin the bluesflying fish
3/12/2011: 7:10:00memphis minniewhen the leveee breaksmojo workincolumbia legacy
3/12/2011: 7:07:00robin williamsonbrian o linnsongs for children of all agesflying fish
3/12/2011: 7:04:00robin williamsonhorses dancesongs for children of all agesflying fish
3/12/2011: 6:59:00niamh parsonwhere are you tonightloosely connectedgreentrax
3/12/2011: 6:54:00blackberry bushesold oak grovelittle bit of graceself
3/12/2011: 6:51:00mason & ungarwaltzing with youbrother's keeperangel
3/12/2011: 6:44:00john prineangel from montgomeryin person and on stageohboy
3/12/2011: 6:39:00tim and molly o'brienunwed fatherstake me backsugar hill
3/12/2011: 6:33:00connemaragloomy winter's now awaybeyond the horizonself
3/12/2011: 6:26:00tom waitsbig joe and phantom 309nighthawks at a dinerasylim
3/12/2011: 6:22:00earl scruggsit's a picture from life's other sideI saw the light w/ some help from some of my friendscolumbia legacy
3/12/2011: 6:16:00matt & shannon heatonbotany baylover's welleats
3/12/2011: 6:12:00dedanaanmaggiestar spangled mollyshanachie
3/12/2011: 6:08:00judy collinsshule aroonmaids & golden appleswildlife
3/12/2011: 6:02:00danny schmidtstained glassparables and primeslive once
3/12/2011: 6:00:00jefferson airplaneembryonic journeysurealistic pillowrca
03/06/2011: 13:57:00Truckstop HoneymoonMardi Gras In KansasGreat Big FamilySquirrel
03/06/2011: 13:55:00Foghorn DuoGood Bye I'm GoneLonesome Songself
03/06/2011: 13:52:00Laurelyn Dossett, Riley BaugusSweet Living WatersStagesSelf
03/06/2011: 13:47:00Niall Vallely, Caoimhín VallelyDog À l'OrangeBuille 2Crow Valley Music
03/06/2011: 13:45:00Bruce MolskyJeff SturgeonPoor Man's TroublesRounder
03/06/2011: 13:41:00Josh PrattScab In The SchoolHeritage & Coal Mining Songs Of Northeast PennsylvaniaFuzzy Bugger
03/06/2011: 13:38:00Si KahnClarence KailinCourageStrictly Country Records
03/06/2011: 13:33:00EllisBlackbirdUndefended Heart Acoustic Remixes of Break the SpellRubberneck
03/06/2011: 13:30:00Rhonda VincentKentucky BorderlineRagin' LiveRounder
03/06/2011: 13:26:00RunaThe Holy GroundStretched On Your GraveSelf
03/06/2011: 13:21:00Abana Ba NaseryOmwana Wa Mberi Nesiekhoira!Nursery Boys Go Ahead!Green Linnet
03/06/2011: 13:18:00Geoff BartleyPut The Big Stone DownPut The Big Stone DownMCR
03/06/2011: 13:14:00Sarah JaroszCome On Up To The HouseSong Up In Her HeadSugar Hill
03/06/2011: 13:08:00Matt & Shannon HeatonBrad's HoneybeesLovers' WellEats Records
03/06/2011: 13:04:00Stan RogersThe Field Behind the PlowThe Very Best of Stan RogersFogarty's Cove
03/06/2011: 13:00:00The Wailin' JennysBird SongBright Morning StarsRed House
03/06/2011: 12:57:00Tom WaitsRockin' ChairThe Early Years: Volume 1Manifesto Records
03/06/2011: 12:52:00Doc WatsonHold the Woodpile downDoc Watson on Stagevangard
03/06/2011: 12:50:00Four Shillings ShortOak, Ash & ThornAttitude And Gratitudeself
03/06/2011: 12:47:00Van WagnerHard CoalIf Time Could Stand Aloneself
03/06/2011: 12:43:00Ari & Mia FriedmanMontville - Rise UpUnruly Heartself
03/06/2011: 12:40:00Michael Doucet and BeausoleilCanray's ContredanseHot Chili MamaArhoolie
03/06/2011: 12:36:00Kerr Fagan HarbronThe Tide Coming In. The BeehiveStation HouseFellside
03/06/2011: 12:34:00Susan WernerOn The Other SideKicking The Beehiveself
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