Harvesting Tomatoes

Harvesting Tomatoes

I’ll wager that when most folks buy green beans, radishes, tomatoes, or nearly any other vegetable, they don’t think much about how they were harvested. Gardeners, of course, know better, but even they can forget that almost every vegetable is harvested by hand, usually one at a time.

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Baba Ghanoush with Sea Salt

Baba Ghanoush with Sea Salt

Just three more days left to enter our eggplant recipe contest! Share your favorite recipe now for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Harrison’s Wine Grill in State College.

Looking for inspiration? Try this recipe for Baba Ghanoush from Jenna Weber for PBS Food. It makes use of the final eggplant of the season and is delicious as a sandwich spread or an appetizer with crackers and olives. 

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Corn Fritters with Sweet Tangy Chili Soy Sauce

Corn Fritters with Sweet Tangy Chili Soy Sauce

I rarely find the time to sit down and watch TV, but when I do, you better believe it is almost always going to be food-related.

I recently caught a re-run episode of The Best Thing I Ever Ate on Food Network. This particular episode was about crunchy food and featured the Indonesian Corn Fritters served with a sweet tangy chili soy sauce from E&O Trading Co. (now known as E&O Asian Kitchen) in San Francisco. They looked and sounded pretty heavenly. Since I don’t have any plans to visit San Francisco in the near future, my next step was to re-create the dish in my own kitchen.

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Measure of garden success?

Measure of garden success?

Recently, several fellow gardeners and I discussed something that ended up being very interesting: how do you define a successful garden year?

We came to a conclusion—it’s all subjective. When you garden, you go into it with a variety of goals in mind. These might include fresh-grown herbs and veggies, saving money, or just making the yard look prettier. These are the yardsticks to measure a good garden year.

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