Muddy Boots

Posted by Tony Ricci on 03/13, 2012 at 12:13 PM

Muddy Boots

Ploughed field. Photo Courtesy morgueFile.

Spring has established a strong foothold in spite of some chilly mornings. The distinct smell of thawing earth has brought on the irresistible urge to roll shamelessly in the grass – or at least to get my boots muddier.

Farmers are not that much different from dogs, which is why we tend to be in need of constant grooming by a dedicated member of our household. We might be cute and cuddly on some primordial level, but left to our own devices we will inevitably be drawn to an activity that will leave us smelling like a combination of a Philadelphia oil refinery and a chicken coop. That’s when outside intervention is required because, quite honestly, farmers are inured to the olfactory shock value of their daily activities. 

I’m convinced that the combination of chainsaw bar oil and manure actually brings on a sense of well being that we subconsciously associate with the beauties of spring. Unfortunately, I have never been able to successfully make that argument when I come in for dinner and my wife’s face contorts into a grimace of self defense. “You’re not coming in here like that!” 

My dog and I look at each other wondering who she’s talking about. Bart goes to his water bowl and takes a deep draft. He looks back at me with a decidedly neutral air as if to say, “You’re on your own, buddy. My loyalty oath doesn’t include marital disputes.” He’s home free.

Our list of winter storage crops is getting shorter. But it won’t be long before we see asparagus and rhubarb popping out of the field.

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