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Hanover Township, PA
Nov 13, 2009

You really have no idea what these soldiers go through, especially their thoughts and emotions. These were great documentaries, especially Tylers. I really think these should be broadcasted on national TV for everyone to see the life of a soldier. And Thank you!! Not just for serving your country but making me realize all you sacraficed and how much you care.

Southeastern PA
Nov 16, 2009

Incredible stories. Tyler, if you are ever interested in doing a story on a Korean War Medic veteran (Luzerne County native) who has had his VA benefits tied up in typical VA bureaucracy for over a year, please let me know. Each and every Veteran is deserving of their benefits, and so much more, no exceptions. I would like to accomplish this one thing for my Dad. Thank you for your service. I wish you much success. “We have veterans dying every day. It’s been a scramble the past decade just to get all these stories down so we don’t lose the experiences of what it was like. It’s important to garner this information for people who don’t understand. Veterans’ stories are very important.”

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