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Richard Bright
Dec 03, 2009

I watched a few of the videos of some of the proposals the team is coming up with for the documentary. I like the point Tyler brought up about interviewing someone that is on his or her 3/4 deployment. I thought, what better way to do this than through World Campus. I am an active duty soldier in the Army and I know many of my World Campus class mates are also. I think that would be a huge advantage, because not only can students interview service members from all branches, but also service members who are currently deployed in one of the combat zones, which gives a first hand, real-time perspective. And this also provides the advantages of keeping things "in house". Just a thought.......

Kos Lis
Jan 10, 2010

War is very rough on our troopers. I'm glad that such program as this will help our troops stay sharp.

ted agens
Jan 18, 2010

Look, I don't want to detract from those who truly have PTSD, but as a Army retiree and a disabled veteran, I have seen how the va works. Particularly when you file your claim for disability, the person helping you urges you to "add" stuff or "pad" your claim. I think we need a better system of screening to ensure people do not get benefits that they lied to get. The guy in this video said he wanted to get checked out because" he didn't want to kill stuff any more" so wanting to kill stuff is normal?

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