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What I bring to the class

February 01, 2009 by Matt

I feel that I bring many valuable things to our project and the class. Although at times many of these traits seem like a bad thing, I feel they are what define me as a person. My unwillingness to compromise who I am help me to hold on to these traits.

First and foremost, I am a two time combat veteran of the Iraq war. My first deployment was in late 2005 to mid 2006. My second trip to Iraq was in early of 2007 until late 2007. On both deployments I saw combat, first as a 19 year old at the bottom of the food chain and the second as a seasoned Marine with man looking to me for answers. On both deployments, I lost friends and learned firsthand what it meant to count on your brothers and have them count on you.

I feel that another attribute that I can bring to our class if my ability to call it like I see it. Often this is mistaken for cockiness or simply being an asshole but I don’t sugar coat things and don’t really care if what I say is “politically correct.” I think this will give me the ability to go deeper into a subject and talk about something that isn’t the most popular but just as if not more important.

Lastly, I feel that the simple fact that I am a veteran will help with this class. There is a strange bond between brothers-at-arm. Within a few minutes of our first class, I was sitting side by side with another Marine trading war stories, and had an instant bond. This will allow me to better connect with whoever I interview for our final project.


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