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The Devil in me and the Angel I Found

February 25, 2009 by Matt

I think this is an interesting story, but I think it would be hard to tell.

I think I would go at it like a re-birth kind of thing. Start the movie off with his old vid in Iraq, the jokes and such…then I would have an interview with him talking about how he thought of Muslims. I think this might be good to set the stage, and lead into an on campus shot. I would follow him around on campus and his local community, and show his early encounters with Muslims, and talk about how he felt. I would also splice in some shots of him and his Doc talking out his issues. I think this would go a long way to show that he isn’t just a bigot, but someone dealing with real demons. It would be good to then show some early interactions with the MSA and get his before and after thoughts. I think that the soccer game would go a long way to show that it isn’t a one-sided issue, and get some of the thoughts from the other MSA members there. My final shot would be of Sam and Yusuf walking side by side down a long empty road, to show that its a process that takes time and your alone only as long as you allow yourself to be.


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