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A change of heart? (Please read)

February 24, 2009 by Heather

I was looking/hoping for some suggestions on what follows.  For several reasons my second topic proposal has fell through.  To replace it, I came up with a new idea last night and submitted it to Nathan and Dr. Moody

My first topic was the one I presented in class about parents being separated from their children on deployment.  I was truly planning on doing this topic until I came up with my new idea.  I was thinking about the old Marine Corps adage “every Marine is a rifleman.”  It dawned on me how true this statement comes during a time of war.  I know a fellow SSgt (another MECEP) who was in the 3D MAW Band; however, when the war in Iraq broke out he served in a security platoon, guarding Generals.  My idea was to interview him about the transition, use photos of him in Iraq, get footage of the 3D MAW Band, and film him playing “The Marine’s Hymn.”  My question is does this even sound like something someone would want to see?  Unfortunately, I am a little biased towards my new idea since (1) I have a strong musical background and (2) I don’t have children, so I don’t fully relate to what a parent goes through.  Any comments would be appreciated.  Thanks.



February 26, 2009

Definitely sounds interesting to me. It’ll be a different take on things than what we normally see or know.


February 26, 2009

Hi Heather,

This could definitely work, consider checking out:http://icasualties.org/. The Website tracks the human cost (WIA/KIA/MIA). I’m sure the majority we’ve lost have been non-infantry, our adage and your idea is very fitting and appropriate.

November 22, 2009

I am happy to see our troops coming from Iraq, really speaking I do not agree with either war Afghanistan or Iraq but its a change for the better most people will agree there was no nuclear weapons so why Saddam was killed was unjust. Although I do believe this was a destiny for him but if you are going to look at the big picture no one will speak up about the truth is that our nation is more worried about everyone else and we have our own problems here in America we are not safe walking to the stores at night! no matter what area you live in its always a second thought to think is my area safe.

I just had to vent about this because we have lost a lot of lives and no one really will make sense out of this war. 9/11 happened and I saw our troops heading for someone who had nothing to do with 9/11 this is insane. Who gets the feed back for this and anyone who reads this knows I am telling to truth. No one is speaking up about this type of madness going on in the military our nation is ran on corruption. Lets make this right and end both of those wars because everyone knows Osama Bin Laden would be a fool to still be in Afghanistan or is there something else that the troops are over there for and I bet what ever it is its not legal in the United States. From my opinion is nothing more then greed and at the cost of Americans lives its very sad, I was hoping for a change with our new President but he is in the hands of the corruption himself not meaning he is evil but I believe his surrounding of people have another agenda and he is playing puppet to the drum roll.

So I do not advise anyone to join this war because no one will tell us the truth we only see what reporters are saying over here lets here something from the horses mouth like a few of the people from the countries we are invading there are some allies over there because I do not believe the things I see on TV at all its a sad day and time. our nation is not honest with us but want us to risk our lives.

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