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Stu Chamberlain
West Sayville, NY 11796
Feb 08, 2013

Nice piece. As a longtime SCCT member many years ago, a couple of refreshers for you: SCCT actually began performing in what is now the Fairmount Avenue school. We moved to the Barn in 1959 with a production of “Tovarich.” I still have my program. The weather does indeed get into the Barn. During Hurricane Agnes in 1972, we were doing “Hello Dolly,” and the show DID go on, even though the audience had to ford the little brook that had risen over the bridge, and we performed our first-act dance holding mops instead of girls so we could get the water off the stage. The State certainly is a step up for SCCT, but I also recall the last Barn show I attended, again “Hello Dolly” a couple of years ago. It was a glorious, perfect late-summer Central Pennsylvania evening; the performance was splendid, and hot coffee on the lawn was a fine refresher. Nothing gets better than that! BTW Kristine, I’m an old WDFMer who actually had a career in radio!

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