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Michelle (Gaydos) Nickolaus
Hershey, PA
Jan 12, 2013

Thank you for doing this review of my Uncle’s book.  We love the book because it’s filled with much of the stories from our family heritage.  But this review is especially neat to see this radio review from a PSU connection as many in our family attended Penn State and continue to “bleed blue”!  Thank you, R. Thomas Berner and WPSU.

Chris Malocu
Jan 13, 2013

Very interesting story.  Well written.  I enjoyed every moment reading this book by Mr. Joseph Tarone.  I also read his other published materials and enjoyed them as well.  However, I believe he has a book published now.  I would like to get a copy of that one.  If you know how I can achieve that please let me know.
Very good work,
Chris Malocu

Christopher Malocu
Shenandoah, PA
Jan 13, 2013

Very good book.  I enjoyed reading all of Mr. Joseph Tarone’s material.  I heard he has a new one out now.  I would like to buy that one also.  Please let me know how I could get my hands on his new book.
chris Malocu

Robert N. Russo
Wytheville, VA
Jan 13, 2013

As I too grew up in Schuylkill County, Pa, and during a similar time as Joe Tarone I appreciate a lot of the story lines and references.  It was a time and place that made the fiber of America what it is today and why the “patch” town of Raven Run still exists..  The story could have included my ancestors as they experienced a similar life style to the brothers in Joe’s story, even to the extent of inter ancestral marriages and their effects.  The story and presentation made for easy and enjoyable reading.

Thomas M Malafarina
Jan 13, 2013

An great review of an excellent book by my good friend. Best of continued success with your book Joe.

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