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Shawna Mukavetz
State College
Dec 06, 2012

If this land is rezoned and a sale of the property allowed to go through, we are putting these families in a uniquely bad housing situation.  This is not a simple act of moving people from one place to another, which is arguably difficult and complicated enough.  This would involved devaluing a very large investment that people have made in their homes… arguably reducing the values of their trailers to nearly $0.

As a teacher and a mother, I am concerned about the impact on the children of these families.  The financial and emotional strain on these families would translate into strain for these children.  Consistency is so important for children’s well-being.  Shouldn’t the decision for a major life disruption such as this be one that parents make, not people interested in financial gain?

These tenants should be given a better set of options to try to maintain some stability and control over their lives.  While there may be financial gain to a few through the sale of this property either directly or via increased property values (?)... is it worth it if it causes hardship for others?

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