The Millheim Revival: Part One

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Milheim, Pennsylvania was an industrial town in the 19th century. But in the 20th century, it became one of those “dying downtowns” – losing business to nearby cities. In the first of two stories, WPSU’s Kristine Allen reports that in the 21st century, Milheim is starting to make a comeback.


Mimi Owen
Millheim, PA
Aug 16, 2012

This is a wonderful piece about the little borough that I grew up in the summers since 1953. After moving here two years ago to help my 90 year old mom (who came here in 1930 to the newly purchased summer home), I have grown to be a part of this incredible community.

State College
Sep 03, 2012

My paternal grandparents lived in Millheim and so we made regular visits there when I was a child.  I did a lot of shopping in Neiman’s store over the years and wish someone would start a business in that corner spot. It’s great to see the town reviving!

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