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Jul 25, 2012

I could read a book about this without finding such real-world aprpaocehs!

Jul 26, 2012

when i had a gsd years back(lost her to epilepsy at 18mths)she was a bike ceashr also,(tho when off the lead she always came back when called, anyway i took it upon myself to teach her the down and stay command coz i thought if i had that cracked, if a bike was to come past i could put it into practice .so i started her on the down command first, and no joke she mastered it in 30 minutes, so i then moved on to the stay and coz she loved her tennis ball i used that to help, i put her in the down and moved a away with her ball while saying “stay” and after a few goes i could move away with her still “down” and focusing on her ball, so decided when i was out and i saw a bike i would see wot happens and low and behold a bike was approaching so i put her in the “down” and told her to stay and the bike rode past with no probs and hollie still down which took a week to perfect ..and coz she didnt move when the bike came past she got her ball as a reward..she got so good at the down and stay that she could be way in front and i could shout the command if i saw a bike coming past me and she would down and stay till it went past then run back to me for her practice the down command first(mayb at home or in a quiet corner of your local park..which i did)and when youve got that then practice the stay with something she is keen on like a toy or biscuit which she can have if she stays put when u walk away,then when you have both those in place ask a friend to help you out by riding past and put both commands to the test xxxxReferences :

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