Candidates Say They Have Answers to Altoona’s Financial Problems

Candidates John McGinnis (R) and Richard Flarend (D), running for General Assembly in PA’s 79th District
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Altoona is having financial problems. Without help, from the state, the city is at risk of not making payroll for city workers. Two political newcomers say they have what it takes to help the city overcome its money issues. They’re fighting for a seat in Pennsylvania’s 79th District, located in Blair County. WPSU’s Patty Satalia begins her report with a look at the situation in Altoona and an introduction of the candidates.


Jul 26, 2012

was something that we all need to beettr understand, something that we all kind of lost site of, the Kids. The ones that were hurt by the actions of one man, and the silence of a few others. I believe that as students here at Penn State we have every right to be upset about Joe Pa having to go. But what people need to see is that Penn State wants to fix this problem. Penn state is sorry that something like this would happen around people that stand for so much. I do believe that we will get through this. Penn state is hurt, no were near the pain that these kids went throught, but a different kind of pain. I hope that we all can come together and take steps so that something like this never happens again. Like my mother say, its the only way to learn. My heart goes out to the kids and their families. i pray that other schools learn from this and that people from all around understand that Penn State didnt do this, but that we are sorry it happened and that we are here to help.

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