I Believe in a Promise to my Grandfather

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When I was 10 years old, my grandfather died. I was so sad and cried for a long time. But then I remembered a promise I made to my grandfather. Even now, I believe that keeping the promise is my duty.

I used to go to the hospital every day to see my grandfather, who suffered from lung disease. I looked forward to going to the hospital because he always told me interesting stories from when he was young, and from when my mother was a child. I was an elementary school student, so his stories were fresh and new for me.

He often told me, “You have to help when you see someone who is in trouble. I want you to be a person who can feel with someone else’s heart. This way, you will be helped and loved by people around you.” He always taught me the lessons that were important for living, but as a child, I couldn’t understand all of the meaning.

I didn’t know it then, but his doctors had given him only a short time to live. One day, he told me, “I have a special plea for you. I want you to be a considerate person like I told you before. Can you promise me?” He spoke slowly and carefully, but with a smile. He always said the right things, so I came to heel like a dog. My answer was “Of course.” Then he seemed to feel satisfied as shown by the smile on his face.

A few days later, he died. I couldn’t understand, and I cried like a baby. However, I found that my mother felt sadder than me. She couldn’t come out from her room. At that time, I recalled the promise I had made to my grandfather to be compassionate to others. I tried to make my mother feel better. I didn’t know how to cheer people, so I just sat next to her and listened to her talk about her father. My older sister and I told her “We are with you. We are here for you.” And I felt happy when I saw my mother smile again.

From that day on, I try to consider what other people feel. That promise I made to my grandfather is my life motto now. I believe in that promise to be considerate because it helps me to be a better person.


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