I Believe in Leprechauns

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I believe in leprechauns. Well at least this month I do with Saint Patrick’s Day approaching. Next month, I’ll believe in the Easter bunny.

But this month, my kids and I will create leprechaun traps and “End of the Rainbow” cupcakes. I’ll insist that pesky leprechaun turns everything – from the food in our lunches to the water in the toilet – bright green. And I’ll even help the leprechaun with his silly hijinks, like putting all the chairs on the table or tying the kid’s shoes together. Anything is possible. Last year even our dog ended up green!

So why do I do these crazy things? Because I believe in celebrations. Any reason to celebrate is a good one. From a party to reward my toddler’s potty training to a day full of leprechaun uproar, if there’s an opportunity to make a memory for my kids, I usually jump on it. I want my kids to learn to get excited about the big and small events in their lives.

It warms my heart to see my seven-year-old son starting to adopt my love of all things celebratory. This year, he spearheaded our Groundhog Day party, deciding on groundhog cupcakes and pop-up groundhog puppets. He completed the party with a flashlight show so the groundhog could see his shadow. My son also instituted a new holiday he called “Brothers and Sisters Day.” For a boy who usually has little patience for his sister, that celebratory idea was as surprising as it was heartwarming. “Brothers and Sisters Day” is sure to become a family tradition.

As a mom, I know I can easily get too wrapped up in day-to-day responsibilities. I could forget to stop and appreciate what a precious time childhood is for my kids and for me as a parent. Right now, my kids are still small and they can’t get enough of my love and attention. They treasure these special days as much as I do.

But before I know it, my kids will be too cool for me and our little parties. When that day comes, I will hold tight to the memories of sharing St. Patrick’s Day and other holidays with my little ones, probably with tear-filled eyes. For now, though, I’m busy trying to come up with some new shenanigans for that pesky leprechaun.

Maybe this year he’ll fill the kid’s rooms with green balloons while they’re sleeping or dye their socks green. Whatever he does, I’ll make sure the cupcakes are yummy, the failed leprechaun traps are filled with gold coins in consolation, and I’ve got my camera charged so I can remember all the smiles. I believe in celebrations… and leprechauns.


Nilda Medina
Phila PA
Mar 08, 2012

This brought a lump to my throat. Melissa is my daughter-in-law and I am so thankful that she is the mother of my grandkids who she is doing all this for so that they can have an enchanted childhood; something not always available to us.

Gerry Gavin
New Egypt, NJ
Mar 14, 2012

I am usually very proud to speak of my daughter Melissa, but today I am just bursting! I was the sole parent during my daughters teen age years, and I often say that while some might say I raised them, that we “grew together.” Melissa grew into a loving and caring person who, even in the midst of some tremendous challenges, always sees the glass as half full! I am so happy that she was given the opportunity to share her celebratory thoughts with all of you and I would like to share a belief of mine - “I believe in Melissa Medina.”

george gavin
newark,new jersey
Mar 14, 2012

i agree nilda, there is one in mine too and a huge smile on my face. i am so proud of my sweet niece and her writing abilities but also her approach to the importance of celebrating little and big things in your lives. so many people have lost the thrill of celebrating, be it your birthdays, christmas or just the joy of being alive. thank you melissa for being the person you are. ryan, kyla you have no idea how blessed you are to have the parents god has given you. there it is another huge reason to have a celebration. do me a favor, ask ryan about ‘rocky”. will he have a “rocky day” to celebrate too. rocky would love that too lol

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