I Believe in Books

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I believe in books. Reading books became one of my hobbies on the day my mother led me to the library in our village and introduced me to the librarian. At that time I was a fourth grader and it was my first visit to the library. The librarian showed me a thin red book. The title of the book was “Arbi.” At first, I didn’t want to read it because it seemed boring. But, I took it home anyway. I didn’t have any interest in reading until I got that book. It was so interesting that I couldn’t get my eyes from its pages.

The book was about Arbi, a young boy who had no parents and had survived hardship. He lived in poverty and worked for a rick person who always swore and hit him. The story was taken from real life. It gave me motivation to read more books. I went back to the library to get another one. This time I got a book which changed my life. It made me become a poet. It was a book of poems for children written by poets from Kyrgyzstan.

There were poems about love of one’s homeland, parents, and friends. These later became favorite topics for me to write about. I started to go to the library twice a month to borrow other poetry books. By reading those books, I learned about poetry.

I started writing my own short poems when I reached fifth grade. My first poem was about my mother, who was in Russia at that time. I put my feelings of missing her on the piece of paper. I wrote poems only when something came to my mind and motivated me to write them.

One day I got my parents to read my poems. They were really surprised that their son had been writing. They decided to support me and got somebody to check my poems. There were good ones and bad ones, according to what an experienced poet said. We picked good ones and published them. It was a big surprise for everyone that an eleventh grade boy published his own book. Of course, it was not a huge book, but a little booklet. However, it made me a respected student in school and I got a certificate for the best poet among adolescents in my district.

My first visit to the library influenced me to keep reading books. When I began to read poetry, it led me to write my own poems. Writing my own poems made me a more respected person. Books have the power to influence and motivate people and change their lives. I believe in books.


Sandy Plann
Pierce College, Lakewood, Washington
Feb 23, 2012

What a wonderful story about how you came to love books and poetry!  Thank you for sharing it!

Huntington, PA
Feb 24, 2012

That’s a great essay about “I believe in books” !!!
I am very proud of you and you inspired me to believe in Books too.

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