I Believe in Afternoon Naps

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As a busy college student, I’m realizing free time is a rare gift. I spend my days running from class to class, to my part-time job as a customer service rep, to the radio show I host or to my THON organization’s functions. My mind is constantly bursting with thoughts about my obligations, but I always have something to look forward to: my afternoon nap.

To relieve stress, I like to get under the covers and slip into blissful unconsciousness. I have mastered the art of napping. The most difficult, and important, part of napping is simply letting go of everything else. Allowing myself to forget about whatever’s causing me stress is the only way I can truly relax.

Here’s how I nap: Step one: get comfortable. When I get home from class, I immediately throw on my trusty sweatpants. Step two: prepare the sleeping area. In my room, I turn on the fan for its comfortable hum. To avoid being disoriented when I wake up, I leave the blinds open so I know it’s still afternoon when I wake up. Step three: fall asleep. Lying down, I take deep breaths and focus on nothing but the backs of my eyelids. Because I consider myself very talented in the field of sleeping, it never takes me long to drift off. Step four: relish the feeling of total relaxation.

I didn’t always like to nap. My mom reminds me that I stopped taking naps at a very young age. Fortunately, I rediscovered the beauty of the siesta when I was a sophomore in high school. My courses that year were overwhelming. I spent many sleepless nights doing schoolwork. To make up for the z’s I wasn’t catching at night, I’d come home after school and sleep until dinner. It was usually the best part of my day.

In college, I’m still up all night doing schoolwork, but now I nap for another reason, too. I nap because I believe it’s necessary to take time out of every day to relax. School and work are both top priorities, but I also value my sanity, which my napping ritual helps me maintain.

I know I won’t always be able to nap so often. I hope to have a family in the future. At that point, I expect my glory days of napping will come to an end. So I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to nap while I can.

Sometimes I can only afford a half hour. Other days, I give myself more time. As long as I can lie down, close my eyes, and sleep for just a little while, I’m satisfied.

I don’t nap because it makes me less tired or because I feel completely refreshed when I wake up. I nap because I believe relaxation is just as important as work. And I like having something to look forward to, even on the busiest day. I believe in napping.


Megan Gregor
Port Matilda
Jan 11, 2012

Thank you for being a great commercial for naps!
I too believe in napping! At all ages!
In today’s busy busy world, it’s good to stop and rest. So many people forget this basic, bright idea. You mention your glory days of napping ending when you have a family in the future. Do not fear- you will want and need naps even more then! I am a mom of two and napping is a delicious habit I still keep. Sometimes it’s essential.
Happy Napping,

Janice Valverde, LMT
Amesbury MA
Jan 13, 2012

good for you. you have discovered something extremely important.  relaxation is as important to our mental and physical health as are good nutrition, adequate exercise and sleep.  I was a PSU journalism major many years ago, and loved journalism, but it was indeed a stressful career.  that is why, not in my early 60s, I’ve changed to a new career as a licensed massage therapist.  and I preach and teach relaxation . . . and heartily endorse afternoon naps.

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