PA People: Don Ford

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We continue our Pennsylvania People series with a new and intimate profile of one of the people who makes Pennsylvania so interesting. WPSU’s Patty Satalia talks with Don Ford of State College. He’s a clinical psychologist and family caregiver.


Jan Martin
Altoona, PA
Dec 09, 2010

I was so moved and heartened by this piece. I was hoping it was available in written form so I could share it at a meeting with my staff.  EVERY situation must have meaning and give some pleasure.  That’s a fundamental fact I’d like to put to use in our workplaces.  Thank you, WPSU, for this wonderful view into the lives of others.

Lesli McQuiston Lopez
Lake Worth, Florida
Jan 12, 2012

As a licensed massage therapist and Compassionate Touch Practitioner and Instructor, who is also doing research on the benefits of touch therapy in improving quality of life issues for residential Alzheimer’s patients in long term care facilities, I found Mr. Ford’s candor and authentic compassion and caring to be refreshing. We should not still be talking about only ‘fixing’ people with chronic illness, but rather providing optimal care that validates that individual as unique and worthy of consideration. As a nation, we need to realign our healthcare delivery system to meet the needs of all its recipients through preventative and palliative, as well as curative care.

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