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Bedford County, PA
Dec 03, 2010

For his $900,000 fee and his pledge to “do the right thing” for Pennsylvania, I would ask WPSU to seek from Governor Ridge the answer to a very straightforward question.

The second “Guiding Principle” of the MSC states:  “We implement state-of-the-art environmental protection across our operations.”

Does that mean members of the Marcellus Shale Coalition will put into place the operational practices outlined in “Drill Right” and similar programs? 

For example, these would include:
1) Require the latest emissions technology                                   a. Use a closed loop system to eliminate plastic-lined holding pits, trenches or ponds for liquid drilling waste;       
      b. Install vapor recovery units on condensate tanks to reduce or eliminate emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs);                                 
  c. Use zero emission glycol dehydration units;                                 
  d. Use pneumatic ‘no-bleed’ valves to prevent fugitive emissions (which can’t be seen with the naked eye, but such vapors can be seen with an infrared camera);           
  e. Recycle the flowback frac water to reduce the amount of fresh water used in hydraulic fracturing;   

“State-of-art” doesn’t leave much room for interpretation; but I’ve been met by silence from the Marcellus Shale Coalition and Ridge’s office.  Perhaps they would respond to WPSU on behalf of Pennsylvanians.
For information, refer to:  Spectra Energy

Or here:

Lafayette, LA
Feb 02, 2011

There should be legislation that mandates the installation of vapor recovery units in every feasible location. The fact that the technology is out there to recover harmful vapor which are killing our environment should make us push for it. Plus it is a win/win situation for businesses using the technology. It pays for itself very quickly.

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