PA People: Jack Troy

Jack Troy stoking his wood-fired anagama kiln
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WPSU’s Patty Satalia travels to rural Huntingdon County to meet with writer, teacher and legendary potter, Jack Troy, who retired from Juniata College in 2006. Troy is wrapping up a three-day firing in the anagama kiln he and fellow potters built and operate at his home-studio.


Nancy E. Germann
Huntingdon, PA
Sep 26, 2010

Very well done by all involved!  Fascinating stuff!  I own several pieces of Jack’s work and two done by his students.  I use them every day.  They have a way of growing on you as time goes by.

Jack risked himself to rid me of a beautiful hornet’s nest in our yard, getting stung twice.  I had called him to tell him that it reminded me of his work.  He put it in a tree in a wooded area as he has another at home.  The hornets continued life as usual.

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