I Believe in Living Life With Courage

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I will never forget May 12, 2008. My chemistry tutor was teaching me at home. All of a sudden, my building’s doors and windows started to shake.

I was not sure what was going on, and it seemed dangerous because I lived on the 10th floor. I stood up and looked out the window. People across the street were running out of their building.

“Be quick! There is an earthquake!” My tutor shouted at me. We ran out quickly.

I wanted to take the elevator, but my tutor knew better. He led me out of the building by the stairs. The ground was still shaking and I felt I would be dead. When I reached the first floor, I knew I had survived. But then I saw something that impacted me deeply. I saw a lot of people coming out of the building. Then I saw one woman going into the building. It was my mother. She went back into the building to look for me. I saw the love of my mother. She is a great mother. She not only gave me love, but she also taught me courage.

My mother made it back out of the building, but I knew thousands of people were dead in the disaster. My mother’s courage made me understand I should do something for other people. I chose to be a volunteer to help the victims. I had courage to go to the disaster area. I drove an hour from my home to the center of where the earthquake hit.

When I arrived in the area, what I saw shocked my heart. There were bodies everywhere. Nobody dealt with them. I felt the area was full of death. I needed to bring my courage to the victims to help them survive bravely.

Now it is two years later, and I am on the other side of the world. Being in a new country is a little bit like being in an earthquake. You don’t know what will happen. During the earthquake I felt helpless and unsure. When I first came to the U.S to study, I felt the same way. I used my courage to talk about my ideas and communicate with other students in English.

After several months in the United States, I am full of courage to do the things I want to do. I am okay with difficulties, and I try my best to do everything. I even use my courage to help the other foreign students conquer difficulties here.

My mother’s courage helped me take this very important step to study in the United States. Courage gives my life significance. I believe in living life with courage.


Tallahassee Fl
Jun 02, 2010

I read a few essays on “I believe”.  I also beleive in living life with courage.  Not because of anything traggic that has happend in my life but because, when i became a mother I realized you have to live life with courage.  you have to be strong with your child and teach them that to have courage is okay.  its okay to be scared.  i beleive in living life with courage

Jun 03, 2010

I believe in living life with courage because its the only way to become that person you want to be, that helper, the one to step out and make decisions

shaniqua baker
tallahassee, fl
Jul 01, 2010

I believe that in living life with courage is when you know that you have love so hard and knowing that things are not going well with you significant other and it’s when you put up with violence and all kinds of abuse for your kids to have two-parent to raised them. that’s courage when you can standby and put away your happiness and sacrifice your life for your kid’s.

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