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Bill Whittaker
State College, Pennsylvania
Mar 24, 2010

Very good book! Excellent insight into the Catanoso family. I have been in Florida for the past two months and could not be home at Penn State to see my teammate Lenny’s brother, Justin. I am very disapointed I missed the lecture.
Good luck Justin, on the next book.

sara van artsdalen
santa cruz, ca
Mar 30, 2010

I just saw this book the other day in the book store and it looked really interesting. I plan on going back to buy it tomorrow. I miss all my Italian friends and family in NJ and reading this book will help bring back the memories.

Bill Whittaker
State College, Pennsylvania
Apr 15, 2010

I could not be home in State College to hear Justin’s lecture but thankfully I did get to listen to the tape. My wife is Italian and I am an Italian wanna-be, but I do have an Italian stomach. I enjoyed the lecture as much as the book. Congratulations Justin and good luck in the future.

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