A Community Comes Together to Address Excessive Drinking

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Tuesday night State College will be the site of a public forum on alcohol issues. It’s hardly the first time for this kind of meeting. But organizers think THIS meeting will bring results.


Paul Rutter
State College, PA
Mar 22, 2010

Lowering the drinking age to 18 is an idea I think has merit.

When I was 18 the legal drinking age was 18 for beer, and liquor. A year later when I found myself in the Navy I was not allowed to drink off base because the laws of the new state said I had to be 21.

I think I did back then what the college students in State College do today. My friends and I would obtain cases of beer, kegs of beer, and fifths of bourbon to drink in our Navy dorm.
Back to the present: in March 2010, in State College, on State Patrick’s day many of the college under-21 adults were moving from house party to house party.

In both cases, I believe had there been somewhere to go legally less alcohol would have been consumed. Per drink it costs more, and there would be a bartender or bouncer responsible.

My year and a half in college at age 18, before the Navy got me,  found me in a fraternity and also found me going out to drink and dance etc. often. And in that time, I can’t remember a time I was drunk (and I was in a fraternity at the University of Georgia where we were known for a good time).

My lesson learned is this: the drinking age of 18 was fine, and it keeps potential alcohol abusers in the bars instead of buying cases or fifths of booze to drink all in one setting at their homes/apartments/dorm rooms.

Why can’t we try this here?

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