The New Centre County DUI Court

Harry Hufford
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What do you do when someone gets behind the wheel drunk -- over and over? Two local “DUI Courts target repeat offenders. WPSU’s Emily Reddy reports.


Apr 02, 2010

I have 5 generations of addictions/alcoholism in my family.
My great grandfather died from alcohol. My grandfather died from alcohol poison in a street while walking home.
My father beat my mother once, while she was 8 months pregnant. Killing the fetus. But back in the day, “domestic violence” was not around.
  Also he was not a chronic physical abuser. That particular beating was while he was drunk.  In my parents 8 years together he slapped her once and then once he punched her.
  My father holds two degrees, A Masters in English, and a PHD in Education.  An alcoholic none the less.  I have 6 siblings. 7 if you count the fetus death.
Of the 6, 3 of became addicts-alcoholics.
  My brother has 5 children, and is a functioning alcoholic. And ironically a decent father to his children.
  My sister is going to die shortly if she does not stop drinking and using opiate drugs. She is 48, with a Bachelors degree.
  Her son is a cop and a alcoholic. My other sister simply never found alcohol appealing, so she is a sober person with a Masters degree in childhood development.
But her son, also who holds Bachelor degree, and is a firefighter. A captain. Drinks heavily when off duty.  Married with a son.
Now to me. I was never a college person. I like hard work and working with my hands. I will not get out of bed for under $45.00 an hour.
I am 6 years sober. I had 3 previous sober periods. The last one was two years. I have had 2 DUI’s.
  I drank during probation. And prison would not of stopped me. One either has had enough, or has a super natural “awakening”.  I encountered the latter. During a sober period. Holy Spirit paid me a visit while I was at home, and not looking for God, nor seeking God.
  Go figure. Jesus is actually alive and real.
  Thus, addiction does not discriminate between race, gender, nor economic lines.
  Alcoholism-addiction is a force. A very powerful force.
  Some claim a “disease”. A disease that has crossed through 5 generations of my family.
I was awoken one evening by Holy Spirit. God told me the “disease” is a demonic stronghold.
  And only through determined obedience to God’s word, the 66 books of Scripture, can one be freed from this demonic stronghold.
  I believe God.
  Those of you reading this can decide for yourselves what to believe.
  Although sober 6 years now, the abuse I put into my body has caught up with me. I doubt I have 5-7 years left. Advanced cirrosis and heart disease. I am 50.
  Thank you for letting me share .

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