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debra kelleher-sullivan
Lakemont, Altoona
Feb 05, 2010

Thank you for yOUR dedication to humanity.
it seems like the woman know the place of flow and balance
have taken the time to jOURney within and to know what it is like to be in and of a world of LOVE. yes, let us all IMAGINE
i promised to IMAGINE,
I promised to take moments, of time?
I promised to hold, create the space for feeling.
BE the experience
I am
changing,shifting moving with ease and effortless.
thank you ALL woman
who serve LOVE

Janice Martin
Altoona, PA
Feb 05, 2010

Very powerful.  You are a light to the people you meet in Africa and certainly to we here.  Thank you for your spirit, your work, and your example,

Heidi Hess
Chickasha, Oklahoma
Mar 12, 2010

Beautifully written and beautifully read essay about a horrifying subject.  Thank you for introducing the concept of ubuntu - it is one that I hope to try to adopt. As I listened to this essay, I believe there are many women in similar plights around the world. Bringing attention to this concern is paramount and I have great respect for Dr.De Reus.

Shamim Rajpar
Altoona, Pa
Jul 10, 2010

For those who truly listen to your heartfelt and compelling words, ubuntu and its sister ujamma will become living realities connecting us all to do our individual work to make the changes that justice demands.  Nenda salaama to you and Ariana.  May you journey in safety.  May this travel give the youth of our future, through Ariana, to the increased awareness to keep the momentum going.

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