WPSU-FM Poster Competition Rules 2018

Competition Official Rules

Artist Submission Guidelines

  • Limit of 3 submissions per artist.
  • Art is limited to 2D work, which may include drawings, paintings, photography, mixed media, and collage.
  • Work should be submitted electronically as a jpeg; each jpeg labeled by artist name, medium, and size. (Example – Bob Smith, painting, 18 x 24.jpeg)
  • Work can be submitted starting February 1, 2018. No submissions will be accepted after 5:00pm on February 28, 2018.
  • Artist’s submissions must be submitted at http://wpsu.org/fmposter for jury consideration
  • Original artwork submitted should be no smaller than 18 inches x 24 inches. Image can be horizontal or vertical. Final printed poster will not exceed 24 inches x 30 inches overall. (Adjustments in image size may be made to fit final poster format.)
  • MOST IMPORTANT… Content of work submitted should reflect people, places, activities, and life in Pennsylvania.

Required Conditions for Winning Artist and WPSU-FM

  • Artist gives reproduction rights to WPSU-FM for a press run of up to 300. Additionally, the artist gives reproduction rights to WPSU-FM for use in station and competition promotion
  • Artist retains possession of original work, and rights under copyright. The artist is giving limited reproduction and distribution for the image to WPSU.
  • Artist agrees to assist WPSU and printer as needed with any alteration for image size (example – cropping).
  • Artist agrees to sign and number all prints; If appropriate, signing may take place at a public event in the WPSU studios.

Compensation for Winning Artist

WPSU-FM will not provide monetary compensation for the winning artist, however, the following recognition and promotional support will be provided;

  • Artist receives 50 posters for their own use.
  • Artist receives fund raising related thank-you mentions on WPSU-FM.
  • WPSU-FM will establish a link from its public site to the artists public site, if such site is available. The link will be maintained for one year or until start of the following year’s poster print competition, whichever comes first.

Judging and Selection

All entries will be reviewed by a panel of six jurors. Jury participation is voluntary and without compensation. Jurors will score entries individually but make final evaluations and winning selection as a group. Artist name will not be attached to any entry during individual or group review.

The winner will be notified of the selection by March 5. All entrants will be contacted soon after.

Click here to Submit your artwork.

Previous Winners

2016 / Landing Zone
Julie Mader

2015 / Waxwing, Pine Grove Mills
Adam I. Muchmore

2014 / Summertime
Julie Mader

2013 / Tree of Life
Kristina Kvasny

2012 / Pine Creek, Early Fall
Alyson Leach


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