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Useful Links: Combat to College and Mr Valenzuela

February 26, 2009 by Tyler

So I read the Combat to College article. I focused on the segment dealing with Ismael Valenzuela. He sort of reminded me of myself. I related to how he was afraid of the downward spiral if he didn’t go to college right away

I spent the fall of 2005 not in school and I continually felt like I was somehow wasting my time. I was working, and applying for school at Penn State, but still I felt that I should have already been in school. The article gave good hints as to the type of person he was in duscussing his past before the military when he was at a community college and then an arts college. He said “[part] of the puzzle was missing”. Which was why he went into the military. I needed money for college more than anything, but I KNEW I wasn’t ready to get serious in life and expecially not college where I’d be wasting my money. So like him I joined into the military. Other additions the article gives are about his constant struggle with going to class and getting work done. He has a lot of difficulty. But more importantly into giving a look into his character is that he does not give up. He proveded his background with the director of admissions to get in. That is a lot of desire if you are willing to do something like that. I myself havent’ even come close to using my background to help me out with things. I never considerered it persuasive enough. From his support chanels of this director to his girlfriend to others it seems that he is outgoing and not afraid to admit he needs help. That is actually a sign of stregth. To recognize your weaknesses and do your best to overcome them with your resources. The biggest theme I feel in his description is not giving up and trying your hardest for what you want. It is a theme that is working out for him. Reading this article I get a sense of who Mr. Valanzuela is. Not just what it is that he does. I get a better idea of what his struggles are and how he overcomes them. The article says he is an unyielding optomist. After reading the information about him beforehand you already understand this well. Those words are just icing on the cake. I can only hope that I can stay that optomistic when troubles arise. So far I’m doing pretty good but I don’t think I’ve encountered anything like he has yet.


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