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Schoolhouse Rock

February 10, 2009 by Dave

When it comes down to it, sometimes you just have to go back to the basics. At times, you can over think and try to over achieve even the simplest task. As I started out this assignment of building 2 ideas as my starting blocks for my documentary, I had some very ambitious goals set for myself.

I soon realized, as I actually started working on my original idea, that I hadn’t thought it out on the most basic levels. I jumped to the end product and neglected the see how I was going to connect the idea to tangible actions. It reminded me of a video we probably all know and love called Conjunction Junction. This video shows the idea of connecting 2 parts of a sentence with another word, the conjunction, to make a sentence meaningful. The idea and the end product. They are brought together to mean something as a whole with the and. The simple basics that we all to often overlook.

So, as I was getting a handle on my idea’s for the project, I decided that I should continue sticking with the basics while heading towards writing the biological sketches of my characters. Who do I know and who do they know? This is a prime example on why we are told to network. This turned out to be the easiest part of finding real characters to interview. The harder part turned out, to my surprise, was coming up with appropriate questions that were realevant to each of my ideas. I could have asked very generic questions, but what would that have gotten me? Alot of work that didn’t mean anything and no forward progress with my ideas. Then again, maybe I’m over thinking things. Maybe I should watch some more Schoolhouse Rock.


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