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I’m glad I watched Land of Confusion

March 23, 2009 by Tyler

Watching Land of Confusion in class was my first time seeing it. But it was not my first chance to have seen it. Last semester my teacher in my on film class wanted us to go see it at the State Theater.

Jeremy would be in class two days later to talk to everyone about things. Well, that Tuesday came and I couldn’t go. Nothing prevented me but myself. I had been to Iraq before (the same year he was there) and I wasn’t a fan of it to say the least. I’ll put that up why in another post some time. So I couldn’t bring myself to see Jeremy’s film that time. I didn’t want to be reminded of all the bad things that happened and how I had felt. Then two days later I was sick so I couldn’t come to class for Jeremy’s Q and A. I felt bad about that too.

It was different though this time. I felt secure enough around all of the veterans in the room so that I was able to sit there and laugh at what I saw on the screen during the funny parts. A lot of it became funny because of I know I was with a group of people who had been through this. It was great to have a chance to see the film and even better to have met the guy who made it.

I still couldn’t believe he got away with it all. That more than anything is what amazed me. The lack of contention on the part of the military (there really was little he explained), the willingness of the soldiers, and his opportunity to do it are what amazed me more than anything. At this (very early) point in my film career I’m not as amazed by the subject of a film as much as I am amazed by how it was done. Red tape, money, willingness of people and a lot of other things are what get in my way of making my ideas get onto the screen. So seeing something like this gives me a lot of hope as to what I can do with my future.

I’m happy Jeremy was able to make this film. I’m glad he made it for others to see and for me to see as well.



March 24, 2009

i feel the same way tyler, about watching it in a class full of veterans who have been there, done that. i’m sure if i watched it in any other class with traditional students i would’ve be labeled as the “crazy girl” because of all the parts that we, as veterans’, find hilarious, but civilians don’t.

it sorta reminds me of when i went to see lord of the rings and me and my buddy were the only ones laughing at the funny parts and noone else was because they didn’t read the books and didn’t understand. like when the hobbits kept saying they were hungry. ELEVENSES!!!

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