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I like this group of people…

February 23, 2009 by Tyler

I like this class. I mean yes making a film interests me especially since I’m a veteran. But I’m referring to the people there in the class.

I’ve known a few veterans since I got out of the Army, but for the most part it’s passing “Hi’s”. I got off active duty and left that world with everyone in it behind me. Yes I would’ve LOVED to have stayed in Hawaii but it was too expensive. So here I am, moved on, and have adapted well to this new life. Most people I am around are younger than me and don’t have the experiences I did. It’s not their fault. They just chose a different path then me. I’ve learned not to hold that against them or try to look at them like they are too dumb some times (restraint can be needed though!!). But I walked into this class with a group of people who know what I’ve been through. Maybe not all the specifics and whatnot but still people that understand. It’s a nice feeling. I’ve put Iraq behind me for the most part. I don’t have PTSD or bad reocurring memories. Sometimes I’ll dwell on something and it’ll occupy my mind a bit but I just realize that was the past. It’s still nice to be in a room with people that have been there, though. You just feel an instant connection to them that you don’t get with other poeple (whether they be friends, family, etc…). I could have gone without meeting anyone in this class and never have skipped a beat, but here I am and I’ve met everyone. And I like that.



February 25, 2009

I kinda want to give you a hug!


February 25, 2009

i don’t really like the people in my class. dr. moody’s alright. she has nice hair. i hope that doesn’t affect my grade. bc if it does, i LOVE dr. mooody.


February 26, 2009

Tyler, thank you for sharing your response. Awwww,come on Maggie, you have to like someone else in the class other than me….not to ruin the image you have of me, but my hair is really naturally curly….

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