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Bright Spots

January 27, 2009 by Dave

I never really like answering questions like these because one may try to be as objective as possible in answering, so as not to sound boastful, but they may indeed overlook qualities in themselves that are quite easy to see from the outside perspective yet not from within. It is also easy to start comparing whether the qualities one might possess with another person answering the same question. With this in mind, I thought I would try to explore this question using my parts of my resume as a guide. Could this help me to sell my qualities while maintaining the most accurate depiction? We’ll see.

Photojournalist / Photo Editor
The Daily Collegian
Functioned as independent general assignment photographer. Responsible for providing clear, high quality, truthful images, that communicated a meaningful message to the readers of the publication. Relied on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals under minimal supervision. Developed unique photojournalistic features with notable photos and wrote accompanying articles.

Photojournalism is much like documentary work in the aspect of providing a meaningful image for others to see, evaluate and decide on. The way the photo can be taken is purely subjective while the event/person/etc is completely objective. The ability to portray the subject matter in a light that the reader becomes interested in it and wants to discover why the photo was taken is challenging but rewarding when done correctly.

Demolition Engineer / Assistant Manager, Operations and Training
US Army
Performed direct support in planning, organizing, creating and managing training schedules and operation procedures. Prepared organizational charts, wrote official correspondence and maintained reports, files and records manually and electronically. Held the position of Company Historian and Information Management Officer. Held position of Personnel Clerk during normal garrison operations. Served as a team member as a demolition engineer during combat operations. Preformed demolition, mine warfare and combat construction operations. Created digital topography, map overlays, organizational charts and multimedia presentations. Provided security during daily operations for commanding officers and staff.

This is obvious I guess. I wouldn’t be taking this class unless I had something to share or the drive to explore the stories of other people who have gone through similar experiences I have.

Draftsman/Project Manager
Robert A. Lack Architecture & Design
Completed well-researched and developed resource relationships with manufacturers and suppliers. Lead roles in programming, planning, design development, contract preparation. Continued attention of client needs during all phases of planning resulted in efficient and accurate detailed drawings.

I am currently in a management position with The Daily Collegian but this feels like an extension of previous experience from my days at the architecture firm. I truly love managing and seeing through projects to the end. The bringing together of resources to build something, not necessary for myself, gives me the feeling of worth. The responsibility and commitment to others cannot be matched when working.

I hope this shows a little glimpse of what I might bring to this class.



January 30, 2009

Wow Dave,

Very impressive resume! I’m sure you’ll have no trouble obtaining a position in your field after you graduate from here. As you may already know, I also was a Personnel clerk on the 3 ships that I was stationed on while in the Navy. I’m sure you and I could share similar, but not identical, stories and experiences about what that job was like in our respective branches. Great Blog entry though!


February 05, 2009

So I finally noticed you left me a comment. To answer that question my first deployment was six months and my second was seven months.

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